Expecting Respect in the College of Engineering

Being a successful member of the College of Engineering community involves intense, spirited and innovative collaboration with groups of people from diverse backgrounds.

In order to thrive in this environment, the College of Engineering embraces a spirit of acceptance and understanding so that our community enjoys a high quality educational and work experience that contributes not only to our technical expertise and accomplishments, but to our ability to work as a team across disciplines, perspectives and cultures.

Our goal is a welcoming environment of respect and courtesy for all members of our campus community. And, this goal takes the active engagement of all of our community members to create an environment that values our diverse community.

As a member of the College of Engineering community, it is up to you to challenge yourself to broaden your horizons –

seek to understand the influence that acts of harassment and discrimination have on our community

make your commitment to respond to bias and intolerance

and to prevent these incidents from occurring – be a success!!