Members of the College of Engineering Expect Respect Team cannot guarantee confidentiality. As agents of the University, these team members are obligated to take action when they are aware or should have been aware of an incident of harassment or discrimination.  If you seek confidential counseling or a conversation with somebody that is not an agent of the University, please consult one of the options noted below.

Confidential Counseling

The following offices can provide advice and support to individuals who believe they are experiencing discrimination or harassment.  All information shared with these offices will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law and University policy.  For example, confidentiality is at risk if the individual is posing a threat to him or herself or others or if the situation involves child or adult abuse or neglect. Each of the offices listed below has a confidentiality statement that explains the policy specific to that office.   Discussions with representatives of these offices will not be considered a report to the University regarding the problematic behavior and will not, without additional action by the Complainant, including written permission, result in intervention or corrective action.

FASAP – Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (Faculty and Staff)
(734) 936-8660

CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services (Students)
(734) 764-8312

SAPAC – Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (Faculty, Staff and Students)
(734) 998-9368

The Ombuds offices of the University also provide a degree of confidentiality, although it does not rise to the level of client/counselor confidentiality or privilege that the above offices offer.  Ombuds of the University are not considered to hold “agency status” within the University, and are therefore not compelled to hold affirmative responsibility to take action if confronted with a situation of harassment or discrimination.  However, if an Ombuds were subpoenaed, the University would not have a strong defense for protecting what was shared with the Ombuds.  For this reason, Ombuds take few notes and typically destroy them.

Office of the Ombuds (Students)
(734) 763-3545

Central Faculty Ombuds (Faculty)
(734) 764-0303

A Note on Agency Status

It is important to recognize that individuals within the University who hold “agency status,” are compelled by their position to hold an affirmative responsibility for taking action when the University knows or should have known that a situation exists.  Agency status belongs to those individuals in a management role in the University, such as Deans, Associate Deans, Directors, Chairs and staff with supervisory roles.

Once a complaint is brought forward to an agent of the University, an investigation into the complaint may proceed, regardless of the desires of the individual lodging the complaint.

Investigations into complaints of harassment and discrimination are carried out by the Office of Institutional Equity.