Responding to Harassment and Discrimination

The College of Engineering’s response to harassment and discrimination is guided by University policy as well as state and federal guidelines. It is important to report any issues to someone trained to recognize and deal with harassment and discriminationRemember that physical assault (including sexual assault) or destruction of property, is criminal behavior and should be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety. 

In cases that do not involve physical assault or other criminal activity, it may be plausible to seek an informal solution. It is often difficult to confront a person who is engaging in discrimination or harassment, especially when the person engaging in discrimination or harassment holds actual or perceived power over the person at whom it is directed. There are a number of UM resources available (see link below) including contacting a CoE Expect Respect Ally or the Office of  Institutional Equity. There may be occasions, however, when an individual feels able to speak to the person engaging in discrimination or harassment to tell that person that the behavior is offensive and to stop. This can be done in person, by telephone, email or letter, and may resolve the matter without further intervention.

For further resources that may be helpful in better shaping your response to an incident, please consult Additional Resources.