U-M Sexual Misconduct Policy

U-M Policy on Sexual Misconduct by Students

A message from Dr. E. Royster Harper, Vice President for Student Affairs:

 As a vital part of our university community that honors the values of civility, dignity, diversity, education, equality, freedom, honesty and safety, we write to you today to bring to your attention a new policy regarding sexual misconduct by students.

The policy, which applies to undergraduates as well as graduate and professional students, went into
effect Aug. 19, 2013. It is the outcome of an extensive, campus-wide development and review process
over the past two years. This process was guided by an Institutional Advisory Committee that included
faculty, staff and student representatives from a variety of disciplines.

While the new policy specifically addresses sexual misconduct by students, it also addresses how faculty
and staff can contribute to the prevention of, intervention in, and effective response to student sexual
misconduct. All members of the university community play a role in building a safe and just educational
environment by:

• Modeling healthy and respectful behavior in personal and professional relationships.

• Increasing personal awareness of what constitutes sexual misconduct.

• Speaking out against behavior that encourages sexual misconduct or discourages reporting.

• Developing the necessary skills to be an effective and supportive ally to survivors of sexual


• Intervening in situations that can lead to sexual misconduct and related misbehavior.

• Interrupting an incident of sexual misconduct if it is safe to do so.

The complete policy and additional resources are available here: U-M Sexual Misconduct Policy for Students